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San Bernardino, California




Job Description

HOUSEKEEPING contract workers for PM 8-hr shifts with a start time of either 1500 or 1600. 

This is a hospital and due to COVID, the following MUST BE ADHERED TO:  

  1. Wearing a face mask at all times – unless you are eating/drinking. Keep the face mask on while speaking. Face masks are provided 1 per person for a shift, unless soiled, then they can ask for another from their supervisor.
  2. Wash hands frequently.
  3. Social Distance. Try to maintain a 6-feet distance as much as possible. Be aware of stickers or indicators on floors when lining up (cafeteria or entering the hospital).
  4. Health screening to get into the hospital. There is only 1 entrance/exit into the hospital (Breezeway entrance

We need people who are willing to work and be sent to areas depending on the hospital needs and staff changes.


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